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My Live Interview

The first time I got interviewed was via e-mail, for Paul Grimsley’s In To Views. So, easy enough. Long time to think about the answers, write them, revise them and add the usual tasteless jokes.

But a few weeks ago, The Outhouse’s Brian Osserman (aka Prozacman) invited me to do a live interview about my webcomic PITCH BLACK. And I agreed to do it before my brain put the words “live” and “interview” together. When it did I was taken by overwhelming panic and the absolute certainty I would fuck it up. The problems were countless: I’m not good at talking over the phone, my brain and my mouth are never in sync and my spoken English is flawed. Okay, so they weren’t countless, but shut up they seemed countless to me at the time. I tried rehearsing by myself, deciding whether a British accent would work better than an American one (or at least make me seem smarter) and even predicting which questions I would be asked and writing down the answers to minimize stammering.

When the big night arrived, I had three answers written down in front of me for two hours of podcasting. Needless to say, I’m a shitty Nostradamus.

Things didn’t go too bad, though. I had fun, they tell me they had fun and that the podcast was a success, so hey, I’m certainly not gonna try detecting any lies there.

And by the way: during the interview, I told them about a question a friend of mine once asked me: “Why are Brazilian porn stars so hairy?”. Apparently I look like the right person to ask, but surprisingly I’m not, so I didn’t know the answer. On the interview, though, they were telling me about a podcast that talked about porn, MoleHole Radio. So during my interview, I mentioned the question my friend asked me, and after the interview Brian sent the question to MoleHole Radio. And told them, of course, that the question was mine.

They answered it on the air (at the 55 min mark). So now I’m internationally known as a pervert interested in male body hair, while the actual pervert interested in male body hair is at this moment laughing her ass off so hard she’s in danger of losing a buttock.

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